FUNctional Fitness

Whether you've taken a fitness hiatus or are starting for the first time, this class is built for people who want to ease into the fitness waters. Movements are low-impact and joint-friendly.

  • General Fitness
  • Functional Training
  • Weight Loss
  • Body weight, core and cardio focus!

$85 for 8 classes

Click Here to Sign Up - Wednesdays @ 5pm

Better Shape - Possibly The Best Shape of Your Life, in Weeks?

It's possible with our FUNctional Fitness programs. Here's how it works, week by week:

  • ✔ Learn fundamental fitness skills and discuss your fitness goals with our trainer, Aaron Hochmann
  • ✔ Continue to work on the moves you've learned while increasing the number of reps and intensity.
  • ✔ Attend special break out sessions with a trainer to learn how to eat for strength and fat loss.
  • ✔ Assess what you've achieved throughout various intervals of the class; adjust your program, if needed, to hit your goals by the end of your goal period. Then, repeat with a newly modified goal for the next class!
  • ✔ Measure and reflect on what you've accomplished; learn new ways to build muscle while maximizing your body's ability to burn fat.

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"In the last 3-4 weeks I've noticed improvements in my stability, ankle strength, hip strength, leg strength..."

"Such a professional atmosphere with incredible knowledgeable and in tune personnel who truly listen and hear you and set you on the road to a better you regardless of what reason you are there! A true gem right in New Castle."

Ready to try it for yourself?

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