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Attaining your fitness goals and building serious strength shouldn't feel like a second job. With the help of Elite Performance and Fitness, a few sessions a week is all it takes to totally transform the way your body moves and feels.

Why Elite Performance and Fitness?

Our Elite Trainers and Coaches don't treat fitness as an expensive, time-consuming hobby (or, worse, a chore). Our workouts are designed to fit into your life, so you develop a routine to produce results for years to come.

1-on-1 Personal Training

All of our training programs feature:

Multiple Time Slots

You're not locked into the same training times every week. We're open as late as 7pm on several days throughout the week, so you can always work out when you want to.

Full-Body Workouts

True strength is about balance. You'll spend most of your time working up to moving weights, but we'll keep things well-rounded with cardio and isometric moves, too.

About Us

Work Out Smarter, Not Harder

Pro bodybuilders, Olympic athletes, marathoners… we respect all those hardcore fitness devotees. (And you'll even find some on our staff.) But we know that's not everyone. Elite Performance and Fitness is a gym for people who want serious fitness gains without having to sacrifice everything else in their busy lives.  

Our workout systems are based on peer-reviewed research into how to build muscle and improve health in an efficient time frame

How does that translate into real-life results?  

With more than 15 years of combined experience, we see the proof all around us. Come see for yourself by booking your training package today!